The 101 Guide to Skin Products

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We all know that good skincare goes beyond only washing the face. But it’s impossible to make a skincare routine without knowing the roles of all skincare products. This is exactly what this blog is about. 


According to dermatologists, we should cleanse our face two times per day to remove pollution, germs and dirt. But the type of cleanser you should use depends on your skin type. For instance, if you tend to get breakouts, your cleanser should have salicylic acid. Let a dermatologist examine your skin so that they can suggest you various cleansers. 


These products solve various skin issues and are found in all forms. The treatments with retinoids remove wrinkles, benzoyl peroxide cures acne and topical steroids are ideal for inflammation. 


An exfoliator eliminates dead skin cells. Types of exfoliators are physical or chemical. A physical exfoliator does the job by a mechanical force whereas a chemical exfoliator dissolves bonds between dead skin cells. Choice of exfoliator depends on the skin type. However, those having dry skin should not exfoliate as this skin type exfoliates itself. 

Face oil

Face oils including nutrients offer strength and hydration to the skin. The best nutrients are vitamin E and argan oil. For the best effects, include a few drops of serum or moisturizer in the face oil. For the skin with acne, tea tree oil is perfect. 


Serums are loaded with antioxidants which battle the free radicals. Serums also contain active anti-aging ingredients for the production of collagen. This product is perfect for dry skin because it offers hydration. Use it after the cleanser and beneath the moisturizer. 


Moisturizer should be applied on the entire body. Especially the knees, face, feet, neck, elbows and décolletage should be lathered in moisturizer daily. The best moisturizers have hyaluronic acid and glycerine. 


Sunscreen is essential for protection against sun exposure. It should be applied in all seasons. Remember to not use a greasy sunscreen. For the ideal results, get a moisturizer designed to solve a specific skin issue with an added sunscreen. 


This is used after cleanser two times per day for the removal of dirt or makeup. Toners bring the skin’s pH to normal and restrict the pores. 

Chemical peel

This penetrates deeper than exfoliators to eliminate dead skin cells. Due to the composition with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids, it has an intense nature. Therefore, use it after two weeks and preferably by a professional. 

So, this was all. If you want to regain your youthful energy and not just the appearance, you may consider taking skin care products that work.

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