How to Get NAD+ For a Youthful Look

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Nothing kills your morale like being overweight and looking older than your age. Anything you try to do is exhausting and above all you can easily lose your confidence because fat makes you shapeless. While there are so many people who are overweight and comfortable with it, you need to something to lose the excess weight. As you grow old, fat cells release cytokines and they increase systemic aging, disease and inflammation. This comes from elevated glucose levels in the blood. Inflammation consumes NAD+ and by the time you reach 60 years, you levels of NAD+ reduce by half.

How Does NAD + Help in Weight Loss?

Researchers based at the University of Texas discovered that formation of NAD+ and cells consumption is closely related to metabolism of glucose and the process of transforming them to adipocytes from preadipocytes. The nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD is a molecule in involved in a number of pathological and physiological processes. When oxidized, it becomesa cofactor in the metabolic pathways.

You should know that if you are more than 40 years and your fasting blood sugar level is more than 85mg/dl, you are increasing inflammation. If you understand the role of NAD+, it will help you lose weight and combat aging. While there are pills available to increase this molecule in your body, you can come up with a nutrition and diet plan to assist in you in weight loss. You also need to have the right attitude to keep you motivated and stick to the weight loss program.

Foods Rich in NAD+

Dairy Products

Milk from cows contains Nicotinamide Riboside or NR and it is NAD+ precursor. Taking milk helps you to slow aging and keep you looking good for years.


The fish has a sweet aroma and is easily accessible and acceptable around the world. Some fishes such as salmon, sardines and tuna have plenty of NAD+ amounts in them. Tuna has 20.5 milligrams in every 10.1mg serving acooding a nutritional study.


Beers is a popular beverage. While many people take to relax, others use it when relaxing after work. It contains yeast and there it is rich in NAD+. How you have to drink it responsibly because it does contain other ingredients not so good for you health.

Crimini mushroom

Mushroom can be used to make soup or a stew. They are rich in NAD+ and you get about 3.3mg of this molecule in every Crimini Mushroom cup.


The chicken has tasty meat and it’s easy to include in your diet. You can stew, grill or roast it. Enjoy every opportunity you have to eat chicken and you body will benefit from its high levels of NAD+.


Green vegetables provide the body with different essential nutrients. They contain NAD+ chemical compound, which gives you a youthful look. They are low in calories and therefore help you lose weight. Getting rid of the excess weight reduces your chances of falling sick and makes you look younger.


Yeast is used in making bread and cakes. It contains NR or Nicotinamide Riboside. You can consume it in your pastries and enjoy the rich source NAD+. According to a research done on yeast, it has more NAD+ than milk.

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